About us

Hi -

We are 4 Sisters of the Sun. Makers of quality skin care, aromatherapy and other fine products. Yes, there are four of us. Diana, Donna, Heather and Kaylee. We are all sisters - of some sort. Mostly, under the sun!

We started this venture in the summer of 2014 as we looked for ways to make our lives and our families lives healthier. It was easy to purchase food that is healthy. What about the rest of our daily lives? How do we make that healthy? At a cost we can afford? We began our research and found that essential oils were the secret to lots of answers. We thought about how best to bring our message to other folks just like us. Our mission is to reach and pass on our information to as many people as will stop and listen to us. We decided on a few simple products to make and sell to help us gain customers attention.

We began with a couple of lines of lotion, a few facial oils and aromatherapy sprays. We have added some more products, a few more scents and taken some away.  All of our products are hand crafted right here in Maine in small batches using the same formulas each time. This allows us to have complete control over the quality and consistency of the products we offer. We believe in being healthy without compromise.

Our skin care products are created to be the highest quality and as natural as possible while keeping our prices reasonable. We do not use any petroleum products, mineral oil, artificial ingredients, or chemical fragrances. Some of our products do contain water and are applied by hand which encourages microbe growth; 100% all natural is not always possible. We selected a mild preservative free of parabens & formaldehyde; formulated our recipes to include as little as possible and only where necessary, while still providing the goodness you require and the quality you deserve.

Take comfort in knowing that we respect the environment & are committed to sustainable practices. This includes locally purchased products where feasible, purchasing from companies that have the same beliefs, and using packaging that is recycled, are recyclable or reusable, and  we encourage back to basics.

Our products are first tested on ourselves and then our friends and family. Our satisfied & repeat customers help keep our business growing. If you like our products, please tell your friends. If you see something we can improve, please share your thoughts & ideas with us.


Get your SUN on!


Diana, Donna, Heather, Kaylee